About me

Local reporter interviews me

I’m a Chicago native, a teacher’s kid and a product of mostly Chicago public schools. I’ve attended schools so poor they couldn’t afford doors on the bathroom stalls, and I’ve covered communities elected officials thought better suited for disposal centers than quality schools.

One of the most important aspects of being a reporter is commitment to not only showing the worst of a community but also finding time to highlight the best. I’ve done that throughout my career as a journalist because I know how damaging a one-dimensional portrayal of a community can be.

It’s why I make time to not only report on, but be a part of the communities I cover. I want to better understand them.

I’ve knocked on the doors of attempted murderers, school teachers and foster children alike, and I’ve interviewed those who have no doors to knock on.

I strive to paint complete pictures of the communities I cover — capture peoples’ tears, misshapen beauty marks and infected sores alike.

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